22./23.10.19 IRTG skilling course: Career Planning


What are your life and career goals?
How can you find a career that suits you?
Which competences do you already have,
which ones do you need?
How can you plan your career?


The workshop is designed for doctoral researchers who consider developing and consolidating their career. It will facilitate career decision-making at an early stage. It aims to assess the current position, to identify career goals and to develop a road map for how to achieve them. 

By participating in the workshop, you will be better equipped to:

- create a road map for your personal setting to navigate through critical situations

- identify the dimensions of your current doctoral position and what is expected of you in potential future roles

- set realistic goals for career development and understand the importance of monitoring progress towards them


Dr. Iris Köhler based in Nürnberg, Germany offers expert training in personnel and Business Coaching. Holding a PhD in Agricultural science from the Technical University Munich, she has many years of knowledge and experience in research management.

Date: 22./23. October

Venue: Rudolf-Schoenheimer-Institute of Biochemistry, seminar room D301/D302

Register by email: Lysann.penkalla@Medizin.uni-leipzig.de


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