26. April 2019 CRC1052 Colloquium with Christian Herder

Dear all,

we cordially invite you to a further lecture at our CRC colloquium on April 26th, 2019.

The talk on the topic “Omentin, inflammation and cardiometabolic risk” will be given by Prof. Dr. Christian Herder and Corinna Niersmann.


Venue:                Rudolf Schoenheimer Institute of Biochemistry, Johannisallee 30, Room D301/302, 3.OG

Time:                    11 a.m.

Best regards,

Lysann Penkalla


27./29. May 2019 IRTG workshop "Nutrition"

IRTG workshop "Nutrition"

All doctoral students of the integrated research training group "obesity Mechanisms" working in different research projects handling with obesity. Nutrition is closely tied to obesity. The 2-days  nutrition workshop provides a holistic point of view and teaches basic knowledge of nutrition. Different scientists and academics of a variety of disciplines are investigating the nutritional topic for example diet, nutrients, nutrition in sport and regulation of hunger.

13./14. Mai 2019 IRTG module "Neurobilogical Aspects of obesity"

Neurobiological aspects of obesity

The course facilitates the students to develop an understanding for the neurobiological, social and psychological aspects of obesity. The module offers background knowledge in neuro­psychology, neurobiology and neuro­anatomy and gives an introduction to different neuroimaging modalities.