Area B: Fat Deposition and Distribution

B1: Heterogeneity of Adipose Tissue
B2: Innervation of adipose tissue: identifying players and their function
B3: Identification of novel genes regulating fat distribution and their functional relevance in adipose biology
B4: Idenfication and functional characterisation of a novel obesity gene in a new spontaneously obese C57BL/6 model (Obis)
B6: The functional relevance of adhesion GPCR in adipose tissue
B7: Role of Trib1 in obesity and metabolism - Tissue-specific effects and target molecules
B9: Role of macrophages in adipocyte degradation - A live imaging approach
B10: Molecular causes for lipomatosis associated with hyperactivation of the PTEN/PI3/AKT/mTOR pathway
B11: Adipokine, metabolite and epigenetic signatures of adipose tissue redistribution during a randomized controlled dietary intervention trial