Curriculum 2023

20.-21.03. IRTG skilling course: Scientific writing
30.03. Networking event: Doc´s breakfast
21. 04. Research data management course
08.-09.05. I. CRC retreat 2023
24., 25.05. Microscopy course
05.- 07.06. Doctoral meeting - Summer school 
22.06. IRTG skilling course: Concept and design of graphical abstracts
23.06. Long Night of Science
July Career talk: “What happens to alumni…?”
18., 21.09. IRTG skilling course: Advanced statistic course
October IRTG scientific module: Neurobiological aspects of obesity
13.-14.11. II. CRC retreat 2023
IRTG skilling course: Scientific writing

Date: 20./21.03.2022

Venue: Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry, Johannisallee 30, 3rd flour, Seminar room D301/302

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Lecturer: Dr. Juliane Handschuh

In this workshop, you will learn the following:

  • The planning stage: structure and focus

  • Preparing the sections of a manuscript

  • Professional and structured writing

  • Title and abstract

  • Structuring paragraphs

  • Focus on publishing: Publication strategy, increasing the impact of your manuscript, communicating with the editor of a scientific journal,working with and responding to reviewer's comments

Registration is open! Send an email to

We are looking forward to your participation.

Best regards, Lysann Penkalla

Networking event - Doc´s Breakfast

All members of the Integrated Research Training Group "Obesity Mechanisms" are very welcome to join the Networking Event "Doc´s Breakfast". This year, everything revolved around the 2023 curriculum of the research training group. The doctoral meeting aims to stimulate professional exchange on obesity science. Furthermore, the young researcher should look after new cooperation partners for their Lab rotations in the CRC. Each participant will bring and share their favourite food to the event.

Where: Rudolf-Schoenheimer Institute of Biochemistry, Seminar room D301/302

When: 30.03.2023, 9.00 a.m.

IRTG workshop: Research data management

Datum: 21. April 2023

Uhrzeit: 8:30 - 15:30 Uhr

Format: online Workshop, in deutsch


  • alle Aspekte des Forschungsdatenmanagements entlang des Forschungsdatenlebenszyklus

  • Datenmanagement

  • Dokumentation und Publikation von Daten (inkl. persistenter Identifier und Lizenzvergabe)

  • Langzeitarchivierung

  • Zugriffssicherheit

  • Nachnutzung von Daten

  • Datenschutz und der Anonymisierung von Daten

Anmeldung unter folgender Emailadresse:


IRTG method module: Microscopy course
Bild von Konstantin Kolosov auf Pixabay

Date: 24 and 25 May

Venue: Carl –Ludwig-Institute (CLI), Institute of Anatomy & Paul-Flechsig-Institute (PFI)


  • Basic knowledge in principles of optics proceeds through transmitted light microscopy and covers laser scanning microscopy (LSM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • This course will focus on advanced quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques for imaging various biological specimens, from cells to single molecules.
  • Provides detailed knowledge of the working principles of confocal and widefield fluorescence imaging.
  • Focuses on teaching the theoretical background covering transmission electron microscopy (TEM) for cell biology

Registration is open

Please register by sending an e-mail to .

Summer School - Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg
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Welcome to Summer School Information 

We invite all doctoral researchers of the Integrated Research Training Group IRTG "Obesity Mechanisms" of the CRC 1052 to attend the IRTG-Summer School in the Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg. The Summer School has a particular focus on young scientists. This year numerous slots of oral and poster presentations and different skilling courses will be provided.

Date: June 5-7, 2023
Venue: Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg, Hauptstraße 147 – 149
08459 Neukirchen/ Pleiße bei Zwickau

Preliminary schedule:

  • Poster session, Data blitz session
  • 2 Workshops:
    • 1. Proposal writing: How to create promising grant applications
    • 2. Get the basics of science communication on social media
IRTG skilling course: Concept and design of graphical abstracts

Journals are increasingly requesting the submission of a "graphical" or "visual abstract" alongside the body of the article. This concise, pictorial and visual summary of the article's main findings. It could either be the concluding figure from the paper or, better still, a figure specially designed for the purpose, which captures the article's content for readers at a glance.

Date: 22 June 2023 | 

Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Venue: Seminar room, Rudolf Schoenheimer Institute of Biochemistry

  • Conceptual Considerations

  • Structure and Content |

  • Basics of Design and Visualisation

  • Layout Techniques

  • Practice Session Graphical Abstract

IRTG skilling course: Advanced Statistics and Statistical thinking

We want to provide a two-days workshop combining a course in "Advanced Statistics and Statistical thinking"

Date: 18, 21 September

Format: Online workshop


  • Short recap of Introductory course – from significance testing to ANOVA

  • ANOVA scenarios for more complex situations

  • Minimizing experimental runs by applying design of experiments – from ANOVA to DoE

  • DoE applications – Full factorial, fractional factorial and Plackett-Burman Designs

  • Optimizing designs (Response-surface- & Mixture-designs)

  • Linear mixed effects models – advantages over ANOVA & applications

  • Introduction in Bayes-Statistics and Bayes-analysis