C7 - The role of vaspin in adipose tissue thermogenesis and inflammation

This project will continue to investigate the role of vaspin and its target protease kallikrein 7 (KLK7) in adipose tissue browning and energy expenditure. We will expand the research focus on the anti-inflammatory role of vaspin/KLK7 in adipose tissue and its effect on BAT activity, EE and glucose disposal. The regulation of immune-adipose tissue interactions to support or induce adipose tissue browning and thermogenesis has been reported for other adipokines such as adiponectin and meteorin-like. On the protein level, we aim to identify further targets and coactivators of vaspin. Furthermore, newly identified KLK7 substrates as potential effectors/mediators of vaspin/KLK7 function will be investigated in vitro and in vivo. In summary, the studies of the new funding period aim to clarify the role and connection of vaspin and KLK7 in BAT, energy expenditure and adipose tissue inflammation.

Figure 1. Crystal structure of the serpin vaspin (pdb 4IF8), schematic picture of the protease inhibition mechanism of serpins and pancreas immunofluorescence with glucagon (green), Klk7 (red) and cell nuclei staining (blue).


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