B4 - Targeted delivery of drugs into adipocytes by peptide-mediated shuttling in a new obesity mouse model

Based on our own findings, we aim to selectively transport Tamoxifen (Tam) into adipocytes of our new spontaneous leptin receptor mutated mouse model using a peptide-mediated delivery system. We will set up a system for fat cell-specific Tamoxifen targeting using neuropeptide Y1Receptor. We want to elucidate and dissect the molecular mechanisms of Tam in AT during obesity development to identify an alternative therapeutic strategy at a clinical level.

Figure 1. Mature cultured adipocytes isolated from SVF from subcutaneous adipose tissue of BL/6, db/db and Obis mice.

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Project Leader

Project Leader

Doctoral Researcher

Anna Kohler

Office address:
Brüderstraße 34, 04103 Leipzig
Room No.: 352
Phone (lab or office):
+49 341 9736793
PhD project description:
Anna obtained her bachelor's degree in biochemistry at the University of Leipzig. She did her bachelor’s thesis in the medical faculty, which dealt with the characterization of long-noncoding RNAs and their relevance in the development of the alzheimer disease. Afterwards, she earned her master's degree and was mainly interested in peptide therepeutics. Due to her growing interest in the field of more specific treatment methods, she started her PhD thesis in the group of Prof. Annette Beck-Sickinger. Here she investigates selective adipocyte-adressing peptide-drug conjugates for the treatment of obesity. 

Doctoral Researcher

Sontje Krupka

Office address:
Zentrales Forschungsgebäude, Liebigstr. 21/Haus C
Room No.: 1016
Phone (lab or office):
+ 49 341 9713400
PhD project description:
In my doctoral thesis, I use an obese mouse model to investigate whether an adipose tissue-specific peptide-drug conjugate has an impact on obesity and its comorbidities with reduced systemic side effects.
In addition, I am involved in investigating the effects of exposure to selected xenobiotics on adipose distribution and adipose tissue function in project B1 mouse models.