C4 - Structural studies on adipokines and other proteins related to obesity

We investigate the crystal structures and the molecular mode of action of several proteins related to obesity. In previous work we analyzed the structural basis of the mechanism of inhibition of the serine protease inhibitor vaspin on its target protease kallikrein 7 (Klk7) by co-crystal structures. Further work in this subproject focuses on the interaction with heparin, which enhances the inhibitory potential of vaspin towards Klk7. Furthermore, we aim to study the vaspin–Klk7 interaction by the determination of crystal structures of the vaspin-Klk7 complex and of complexes with peptides mimicking the protease reactive center loop. Furthermore, mutational analysis on putative exosites is used to characterize the interaction.

Figure 1. Crystal structure of the serpin vaspin.

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Ulricke Obeck, PhD student

Abibe Useini, PhD student