A9 - Obesity-driven microglial activation – functional role of cerebral sterol metabolism

Phytosterols are exclusively derived from plant food. Our previous work found that phytosterol (PS) accumulation in the brain is reversible under an obesity-related high fat diet. PS concentrations are in vivo and in vitro inversely correlated with COX-2 and microglia activation. In the next funding period, we want to understand how phytosterols and fatty acids cross the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) from circulation and how phytosterols prevent inflammatoric activation of microglia. Phytosterol and fatty acid transport into the brain will be investigated using established in vitro BBB models. The cellular inflammatory response will be investigated in adipose and brain tissue of established mouse and human microglia models and isolated lipid rafts.

Figure 1. Iba-1 staining shows microglial morphology at different stages of Alzheimer’s disease [Braak&Braak I in (C) and Braak&Braak VI in (D)], in the non-demented old brain (B) and the young brain (A) in representative pictures taken from the hippocampal region. Normal microglia with thin and ramified branches can be seen in the young brain (A), whereas the older individual shows a loss of branches and ramification (B). In AD, microglial cells exhibit spheroid formation and a shortening of branches (C, D). From Tischer et al. (Glia 2016).

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