Z4 - Bioinformatic support for the CRC

During the 3rd funding period we will provide bioinformatics support for the other projects. This encompasses advising, development and application of analysis strategies, which will then contiguously be implemented as Galaxy workflows. The Galaxy instance, as well as the workflows will be maintained, updated and adapted to stay up-to date and usable. We will consistently train members of the CRC in using the Galaxy system. The integration of multi-omics data using network approaches will be the methodical focus.

Figure 1: Novel cluster approach to compare gene expression time course in distinct adipose tissues. A) regardless of fat depot (ING: inguinal, EPI: epididymal) the slopes of gene expression profiles are clustered (left panel). Each cluster represents a general gene expression trend over time (middle panel). The combination of cluster assignments to each fat depot was used to retrieve genes with different dynamics over time (-2: baseline expression, 0: differentiation stimulus, 2 days of adipogenesis (doa), 4 doa, 6 doa ,8 doa). Right panel: Examples with approx. constant expression (cluster 5 (CL5)) in adipocytes in one of the fat depots, while Lhx8 expression initially rises (cluster 2 (CL2)), and Arghdib initially drops (cluster 6 (CL6)) in the cells of the respective other fat depot.

Figure 2: Epigenome wide association study for weight loss identifies genes significantly correlated with weight loss in high responders (blue) and low responders (yellow).

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