A4 - Innervation of adipose tissue: identifying players and their function

This project has been funded by the DFG from 2013 to 2016. It is continued with a new scope in CRC project B9.

 Obesity, the excessive accumulation of white adipose tissue (WAT) is highly prevalent in western societies and associated with increased risk for type II diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and even certain forms of cancer. Despite of its clinical importance, our knowledge of control over WAT development, maintenance and degradation is extremely limited. While it is known that altered innervation of WAT strongly impacts on its architecture, the underlying mechanisms are also ill-defined. Combining morphological analysis and (calcium) imaging of live, intact preparations, this project is designed to i) identify functionally active neurotransmitters and localize their receptors in WAT including its vessels, ii) establish their effects in regard to WAT function, architecture and recruitment of adipocytes precursors from the perivascular compartment, and iii) test whether these precursors are replenished from bone marrow cells. The leading hypothesis is that innervation impacts on both, metabolism and fat storage as well as on development of new adipocytes.

Figure 1. Simultaneous electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves running into the retroperitoneal fat pad (RWAT) and quantitative microscopy will gain insight into the direct target cells of adipose tissue innervation and their function. Adipocytes are visible after lipid (Bodipy) and mitochondria (Mitotracker) staining.

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