A1 - Targeting neurobehavioral determinants of obesity

Based on the current funding period results, we propose novel pathomechanistic links between visceral fat, low-grade inflammation, and changes in brain structure and function in obesity, which in turn relate to differences in cognition. Analyses further indicate that the gut microbiota modulates eating behavior via short-chain fatty acids signaling. Our goal is to now translate these findings into novel obesity-treatment options that target body-brain communication. To this end, we plan to test the effects of a pre-biotic intervention over 26 weeks compared to a placebo on food decision-making in a randomized controlled trial with 60 obese patients. Mechanistic insights will be gained through the integration of task-based fMRI, microbiota sequencing and metabolomics.

Figure 1: Brain connectivity between hubs of the reward network (left panel) and relation of obesity-genetic risk alleles to body mass index (BMI, right panel). Beyer F et al., Int J Obese 2020. Individual data points are shown for carriers of 0, 1 or 2 FTO risk alleles (x-axis) with no or at least one Taq1A risk allele (red/blue, respectively). n = 378, FA fractional anisotropy, OFC, orbitofrontal cortex; L, left hemisphere; R, right hemisphere.
Fig. 2: Model of (un)healthy brain-body interactions in obesity. Increased value of high-caloric food (A) leads to weight gain, which in turn affects brain and behavior through dysbalanced systemic communication (unfavorable signal, in red). Targeting the brain through modulation of the gut with prebiotics (B) may lead to better food choices (in green, favorable signal). Potential mechanisms (C) involve energy metabolism, microbiota, inflammation and the sympathetic nervous system.
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Project Leader

Project Leader


Frauke Beyer

Office address: Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Stephanstraße 1a, 04103 Leipzig



+49 341 9940-2412


Doctoral Researcher

Ronja Thieleking

Office address: Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Stephanstraße 1a, 04103 Leipzig
Phone (lab or office):
+49 341 9940 2407
PhD project description: I am mainly interested in the effects of memory and attention on and the role of the hippocampus and amygdala in making food choices and thereby energy regulation and body weight status. To investigate these effects, we are running a dietary intervention study with functional, structural and diffusion-weighted MR imaging. Body weight status in general and obesity in specific are important factors for cognitive functions and brain structure - therefore, we further evaluate effects of bariatric surgery on these two domains.

Doctoral researcher

Yee Teng Lee (Lilian)


Office address: Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science, Stephanstraße 1a, 04103 Leipzig
Phone (Lab or office):
+49 341 9940 2431
PhD project description:
I am interested in the association between microbiome, obesity and brain aging. My research focuses on the role of the bidirectional gut-brain axis and its underlying mechanisms that mediate the relationship between obesity and the brain.


Haiko Schlögl

Office address: Department of Endocrinology, Nephrology, Rheumatology
+ 49 341 97 13380


Dr. Daria Jensen

Office address: Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Main focus:

My research focuses on the detection of brain connectivity pathways across the lifespan, which are influenced by diet and the microbiome. I am particularly interested in subcortical brain connectivity changes associated with diet and the microbiome, which might be used to explain important pathways related to dementia and/or obesity.

Currently, I am involved in analysing data of the Gut-Brain-Study and the LIFE cohort.