C6 - Adipokines as modulators of endithelial cell function lipodystrophy and obesity

The impact of adipokines on metabolic and cardiovascular dysfunction and their precise mode of action on the vasculature are incompletely understood. In the next phase of project C6, we aim to explore the role of chemerin and neuregulin 4 on cardiometabolic dysfunction by testing their effects on vascular function and metabolic traits in LDLR-/-;aP2-nSREBP1c-Tg mice. By focusing on the molecular mechanisms of adipokine actions on the cardiovascular system, the project now integrates local expertise in adipokine and cardiovascular disease research.

Figure 1: Model 

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Project Leader

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Doctoral Researcher

Sascha Rittig

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+49 341 97-25812
PhD project description:
Sascha Rittig has been studying medicine at Leipzig University since 2015. Alongside his studies, he gained practical experience in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine, fascinating in cardiovascular physiology. Preclinical studies also aroused his interest in basic research, so he joined the cardiology research laboratory of Prof. Ulrich Laufs and PD Dr. Jes-Niels Boeckel. His research focuses on the mechanisms linking trimethylamine N-oxide (a metabolite produced by the gut microbiota partly in response to meat consumption) to poor cardiometabolic health.

Doctoral Researcher

Jasmin Kneuer

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MBFZ A020, Johannisallee 30
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+49 341 97-25813
PhD project description:
High resolution analysis of leptin treatment on atherosclerosis progression in a model of murine lypodystrophy using spatial transcriptomics.