B12 - Hormonal regulators of adipose tissue plasticity

Adipose tissue is a remarkably plastic organ that responds to local and systemic signals by producing new adipocytes or enlarging preexisting adipocytes. This project will elaborate on the adipose depot-specific activation of adipocyte precursors in response to thyroid hormone signaling. Furthermore, we will delineate the multidirectional crosstalk between thyroid hormones, sympathetic nervous system, adipokines and the thermogenic response in brown and beige adipocytes and related effects on energy balance. Overall, we expect that this study will provide a better understanding of the mechanisms by which thyroid hormones regulate adipose tissue plasticity, thereby potentially suggesting new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of obesity.

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Project leader

Doctoral Researcher

Lisa Roth

Office address:
Room No. R007, Zentr. Forschungsgebäude, Liebigstraße 21/Haus C
Phone (lab or office):
+49 341 9713318
PhD project description:
Thyroid hormones are main regulators of the balance between energy storage and energy expenditure, acting on plenty different organs including the adipose tissue. My PhD project focuses on direct effects of thyroid hormones on the formation, plasticity and function of adipocytes. Of particular interest is the interplay with Zinc finger protein 423 (Zfp423), a transcription factor shown to be involved in pre-adipocyte commitment and determination of a white adipocyte phenotype.