Impressions of I. CRC1052 Retreat in 2021

CRC 1052 meeting October 2021

During the CRC retreat, researchers presented their subproject and provided information on the current state of research. Furthermore, the perspectives and challenges of the third funding phase were intensively discussed.

As a new part of our scientific work, we arranged topic-organised working groups named "Taskforces" to induce necessary cooperation during the meeting. Main topics have already been identified, comprising the "Microbiome", "BigData and clinical trials", "Neurobiological mechanisms", "Adipose Tissue", and "Identification of molecular mechanisms and druggable targets for the treatment of obesity". Each CRC member was expected to work in at least one of the thematic fields, depending on their primary interest.

In addition, during the poster session, the researcher engaged in constructive discussions at their posters.

Quelle: Lysann Penkalla