Impressions of I. CRC1052 Retreat in 2023

CRC 1052 Retreat May 2023

During the CRC retreat, researchers presented their subproject and provided information on the current state of research. Furthermore, the members of the CRC discussed intensively the future perspectives and challenges of the third funding phase.

As a new part of our scientific work, we arranged a speed career networking session. We developed a new exchange format that supports early career researchers, replacing the task force sessions. In the form of a speed dating event, the young scientists are allowed to interview successfully established scientists about their individual career paths. With each portrait, we want to inform and inspire you as early career researchers about the diverse ways in science, with different perspectives and career patterns. Through the opportunity to share experiences and attitudes, we want to encourage imitation and show young researchers that this career path is worthwhile.

Quelle / Images: Lysann Penkalla