PhD Researcher Guide to COVID-19

Dear all,
over the past weeks many things have changed. COVID-19 causes uncertainty and may lead to circumstances that threaten our and our researchers’ mental health.Following the event “Suriving in Academia – How to maintain mental wellbeing in the scientific field” from November 2019, Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz (yDiv coordination), Sabine Korek (UL health management) and Nicole Koburger (UL Service for Research and Transfer) are thinking about further measures and measures to take to raise awareness and provide concrete resources to foster mental health in doctoral and postdoc researchers.Over the past few days, to this end, I modified hints of the German Depression Foundation for everyday life in these difficult times to fit anyone.
This short report including 7 points is available in a German and English version:
Furthermore, Sabine has started a counselling offer for people wanting to talk 1:1.
We have put together some links (underneath), would like to share the attached poster “Scientist without a lab? A researcher guide to #COVID19, part of a poster series about mental health issues of Dr Zoë Ayres @ZJAyres, and are working on a website where this shall all be integrated.
Meanwhile, please feel free to forward this to your doctoral and postdoc researchers or anyone interested.
With best wishes for your work and health, Nicole Koburger

Links: Reputable sources on mental health / depression in English:

Tips for managing stress and anxiety during the coronavirus crisis:

General websites about mental health, depression and anxiety: