Dear CRC-members, colleagues and interested parties,

we are delighted to invite you to the 3rd International Symposium of the CRC 1052 "Obesity Mechanisms" in the cooperation with HI-MAG, taking place from September 2-4, 2024 in Felix-Klein lecture hall (Augusteum) at Leipzig University.

Our Symposium 2024 will bring together an outstanding and diverse group of scientists, who will share and discuss the latest research in following areas:

  • Central obesity mechanisms
  • Brain - Periphery Crosstalk
  • Fat deposition and inflammation
  • Adipokines - signals from adipose tissue
  • Consequences of obesity
  • Genetics and epigenetics of obesity
  • Adipose tissue dysfunction
  • Obesity research future directions

Confirmed speakers at the symposium:

Ronald Kahn- Keynote Julia Goedecke Peter Kühnen Camilla Scheele Raffaele Teperino
Anja Bosy-Westphal Hans Hauner Manfred Müller Philipp Scherer Matthias Tschöp
Andreas Birkenfeld Stephan Herzig Assaf Rudich Iris Shai Christian Wolfrum
Tobias Fromme Tamas Horvath Mikael Ryden Arya Sharma  

Flyer of the 3rd International Symposium.

This symposium will be followed by the I. CRC Retreat (September 5–6, 2024).

Requirements for the reimbursement of travel expenses

Requirements for the reimbursement of travel expenses- submission deadline is the 5th of August 2024

All employees of the Faculty of Medicine are requested to use the provided travel form. 

Please have the travel form signed by your institute director and yourself before sending the original form per Hauspost to:

Ulrike Ehlert/ SFB 1052, Zentrales Forschungsgebäude, Liebigstraße 19-21, 04103 Leipzig

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Ulrike Ehlert by email

or by phone: 15941.

Poster session


During the Symposium junior scientists will have the opportunity to share their research data during the poster presentation session.

The poster committee will evaluate all posters on their design, scientific content and clarity of the presentation - both of the poster and also when talking to the presenter.

Three best posters presented by the junior scientists, will be awarded with the following poster prizes:

  1. Prize value of 300 Euro
  2. Prize value of 100 Euro
  3. Prize value of 50 Euro

The  winners of the Best Poster Awards will be announced on Tuesday, September 3rd in front of the entire audience of the Symposium.

Please find attached detailed Poster presentation instructions.

Please submit your poster title by the 5th of August via the email:

Looking forward to your participation!

All the best,

Ewa Koper