10.-12.06.2024 Summer school of the IRTG "Obesity mechanisms"

Welcome to Summer School Information

We invite all doctoral researchers of the Integrated Research Training Group IRTG "Obesity Mechanisms" of the CRC 1052 to attend the IRTG-Summer School in the Schloss Hotel Schweinsburg, Zwickau. The Summer School offers young scientists an opportunity to present their research data and to network with their peers from all the CTC 1052 groups. Additional to poster and oral presentations from doctoral researchers, there will also be skilling courses, career chat and a lecture from the IRTG Speaker Prof. Torsten Schöneberg.

Preliminary program

Requirements for the reimbursement of travel expenses

All employees of the Faculty of Medicine are requested to use the provided travel documents. 

Please send the signed travel application form to: Ewa Koper, SFB1052, Rudolf-Schönheimer Institut für Biochemie, Johannisallee 30

e-mail to: ewa.koper@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

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