10.05.2023 Scientific Writing Mini -Workshop with Prof. I. Shai


We cordially invite you to a small workshop on May 10, 2023.

Professor Iris Shai will give the topic lecture "Effective writing of scientific paper workshop - the unwritten tips" (Professor of Nutrition & Epidemiology| BGU, Israel/ CRC subproject B11).


How do you write a scientific article effectively? What are the techniques required? What are the "do's and don'ts" rules? What is the process of publishing an article? What are the principles of scientific writing? What are the requirements for scientific journals? How do you work with the other authors of the article? How do you respond to the critics of the article? What are the secret tips? How do you start?

The purpose of the workshop - learning principles, methods, and tips for effective and creative scientific writing. Workshop topics - principles of scientific writing, article structure, writing style, rules of brevity and clarity, sentence formulation, writing efficiency, choosing titles, order and manner of writing the abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion, how to use the bibliography, search technique, how to present graphs and tables, Choosing the journal, writing letters to the editors and responses to the critics of the article, ways of presenting information and writing style.

Time: 10 a.m. – 12 noon

Venue: House 4, Room Justus von Liebig 0016, (Glaskasten), Liebigstr. 20, 04103 Leipzig

Please register by sending an email to Lysann.penkalla@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

We are looking forward to your participation.

Best regards,

Lysann Penkalla

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