10.09./09.10.20 IRTG Online course-Speed reading

Read fast and efficiently – Online Training

Date: 10.09./09.10.2020
Course aims:
- Increased reading speed
- Better text comprehension
- Variation of different reading techniques and strategies
- Higher level of concentration and motivation
- Special approaches towards scientific texts



1. Pre-course Webinar session - Sept. 10th 2020, 10.30-12.30h
– Introduction & Advice on reading scientific texts

2. Speed Reading Online Course
– 10 units (45-60 minutes each)
– Flexible training during 2-4 weeks, no fixed times/dates

3. Videochat (ca. 1h) during Speed Reading Online
– Half of the online course should be finished
– Date will be established via Doodle poll

4. After-Course Webinar session  - Oct 9th 2020, 10.30-12.30h
– Feedback & futher advice on reading scientific texts


Friedrich Hasse, M.A., Improved Reading Trainer since 2003 in German and English in many scientific institutions (Fraunhofer, Max Planck and Helmholtz institutes, graduate schools of many universities), governmental institutions and companies; co-author of the best-selling book “Schneller lesen - besser verstehen” ("Read faster with better comprehension”, 85.000 sold copies since 2008). More information in German see: https://speedreading.berlin/blog/


Online training course with videoconferencing tool webex 

There will be a test run on September 3rd concerning the videoconferencing tool webex of the seminar. I will inform you about the time of the rehearsal. Then you will receive the appropriate link to download the software.

Registration is open:

Please register by sending an e-mail to Lysann.penkalla@medizin.uni-leipzig.de  until 20 August 2020 at the latest.

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